Terrano FM

Cultivator in a 4-bar design with a large range of applications

Terrano FM

Extremely manoeuvrable due to an integrated chassis

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Terrano FM

Allround-cultivator with a large range of applications

Terrano FM

Advantages of Terrano FM

  • Universal cultivator for most conditions
  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to chassis which is integrated in the frame
  • Flexible packer mounting due to quick-change system
  • Extremely low power requirement due to 28 cm wide row spacing
  • 4,80 – 7  m working width
  • Power demand starting at 150 kW / 205 HP

Distinguishing Features of Terrano FM

  • Intensive mixing and excellent levelling effect
  • Precise  depth control
  • Under difficult conditions chassis can be additionally used for depth control
  • Can be operated without a packer due to middle chassis
  • TerraGrip tines with a release force of   570 kg are especially recommended on stony and rocky soils

Terrano FM - Specifications

Machine modTerrano 5 FMTerrano 6 FMTerrano 7 FM
Working width (m)4.805.907.00
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)3.303.854.00
Length without towing hooks (m)8.608.608.60
Length with towing hooks (m)8.908.908.90
Weight (kg)6,4507,0207,840
Tyre size, support wheels15.0 / 55-17 (2 / 4 pcs.)15.0 / 55-17 (2 / 4 pcs.)15.0 / 55-17 (4 pcs.)
Tyre size, chassis405 / 70-24405 / 70-24405 / 70-24
Number of tines172125
Tine spacing in one row (cm)112112112
Tine spacing (cm)282828
Frame height (mm)750750750
Frame size (mm)100 x 100 und 120 x 120100 x 100 und 120 x 120100 x 100 und 120 x 120
Packer Ø (cm)55 / 5955 / 5955 / 59
Double-acting control devices 2 (+ 1 with hydr. depth adjustment)
Power demand (KW / HP)150-220 / 205-300175-265 / 240-360220-290 / 300-395
MulchMix point width (cm)373737
Road lighting equipmentStandardStandardStandard


* Weight of the machines with drawbar linkage with minimum equipment and double RollFlex packer


Traction reinforcement

With the drawbar linkage a vertical load of 1,4000 kg is permanently transferred to the rear axle of the tractor by a special hydraulic system to guarantee an optimum traction.

Tool hitch

Lower link attachment

Lower link holding fixture cat. III/III
Expansion size:    1,010 mm
Lower link bolt Ø:    36.5 mm
Optional: Lower link shaft cat IV/IV
Expansion size:    1,227 mm
Lower link bolt Ø:    50 mm

Drawbar linkage

Drawbar eye for drawbar cat. III.
Drawbar eye Ø of 52 mm. For bolt-Ø 40 mm.
Optional with Scharmüller coupling Ø 80 mm.

The working depth is adjusted with spacer clips via the lifting cylindre at the drawbar.


Depth adjustment front support wheels

Hydraulic depth adjustment:
Optional. Instead of mechanical push rods hydraulic cylinders at the front support wheels and at the packer frame are used. Via those cylinders the working depth can be steplessly adjusted while working.

Mechanical depth adjustment:
The depth of the Terrano FM is controlled via the packer roller and the front support wheels. The working depth is adjusted via spacer clips at the push rods.

Middle chassis

Tyres 405 / 70 - 24. Makes the Terrano FM very manoeuvrable.

Can be used for depth control. If the carrying capacity of the packer roller is not sufficient, it can be relieved via the chassis.
The lowering path is then limited via spacer clips in the lifting cylinders.

The tines are arranged directly behind the tyres and treat the soil directly in the tyre tracks thus leaving a homogeneous field.


HORSCH tines

Unity consisting of tine shaft, coulter point, guide plate and side wings.
The side wings are attached to the tine with only two bolts.
Depending on the type of soil the side wings are suitable for working depths till approx. 20 cm.
For deep cultivation we recommend the use without side wings.

Levelling discs

The adjustment is made via spindles. The working depth can be adjusted very comfortably and without any tools.
The adjustment can be seen at the scale of the spindles.

Due to the 4-bar tine arrangement the discs are arranged on one side (not in pairs). Maintenance-free oil-bath bearing with slide ring seal.
The rubber elements protect the discs from overload and have proven themselves due to their safe functioning and their low maintenance.

Frame height

The release force of the TerraGrip depends on the frame height (lever length):
75 cm frame height with 570 kg release force.
    - Terrano FM

TerraGrip tines

Suitable for all types of soil. Allows for a trouble-free working even on stony sites.
With a trip height of 25 cm and a release force of 350 kg the tines are ideal for cultivation up to 20 cm.

With a radius of 300 mm the 60-cm-tine has specially been designed for shallow and medium cultivation.
The coiled guide plate prevents the soil from being pressed. Thus, the power requirement is reduced and mixing is improved.

TerraGrip tine carrier

Completely maintenance-free due to very large bearings.
Mechanical spring package. Very suitable for deep cultivation till 35 cm also at high working speeds.

Coulter point and guide plate

8 cm width standard:
Ideal on medium and heavy soils.

12 cm width:
Available as a spare part. Recommended on very light and free-flowing soils to improve the mixing effect as the breaking ability of the 8 cm-wide combination might not be sufficient.

Standard point

Non-stop steel point with phased point.
Available 8 cm and 12 cm wide.

Carbide point HM

Steel point, tapered down to a width of 45 mm with soldered carbide point.
Depending on the site it allows for an operational life that is 3 times as high as that of standard points. The coulter points keeps the full length during the whole operational life.
It always guarantees the optimum coulter angle for best mixing effect at a low horsepower requirement.

Carbide point HM PLUS

Steel point, tapered down to a width of 50 mm with soldered carbide point and additional lateral carbide coating.
Additional reinforcement in the middle part as wear in this part limits the operational life of the carbide coated points.
The corrugation in the middle part provides an additional abrasion protection.
Depending on the site it allows for an operating life that is 5 times as high as that of standard points. 

Side wings HM - 37 cm

Width 37 cm - Available as a spare part: Steel wings with carbide plates soldered to the blade.
The wings almost maintain their complete width for the whole operating time. Thus an all-over cultivation guarantees the best mixing effect.

Side wings

Width 37 cm:
Standard for all Terrano FX and FM as well as Tiger LT.
With shallow cultivation guarantees an all-over cultivation (tine spacing 30 cm). Overlapping guarantees an all-over cultivation even with increasing wear.

Width 25 cm:
Available as a spare part. Recommended for deeper cultivation on light soils where the breaking ability without wings is not sufficient. Moreover, it is possible to use the Tiger AS with these coulter wings for shallow cultivation.

Shearing protection

Shearing screw M 12 x 70 (10.9). Recommended on deep soils with few stones.
Does not affect the working quality of the Terrano FX as the tine permanently keeps up the optimum coulter angle.


Changing system

By means of the flanges at the packer arms the roller segments can be screwed on and off relatively easily.
The levelling discs remain at the cultivator and can still be used. They can be used to define the levelling degree.

Double RollFlex packer Ø 55 / approx. 150 kg/m

Excellent self-cleaning effect due to the vibration of the leaf springs.
Deep consolidation due to wide ring spacing.
Additional mixing effect due to soil moving in the packer.
Open packer where soil can move through, for excellent levelling

Advantages of the double roller:
Effective ring spacing of 15 cm due to double roller (single RollFlex 20 cm).
More contact area for more carrying capacity.
More intensive crumbling due to more packer rings.
More intensive consolidation as the packer rings are distributed to two rollers

Double RollPack packer Ø 55 / approx. 130 kg/m

High stability due to U-profile rings.
Extremely low wear of the packer rings as the U-profile gets jammed with earth and protects the packer rings.
Deep consolidation due to wide ring spacing.
Open packer where soil can move through, for excellent levelling. Advantages of the double roller:
Effective ring spacing of 13 cm due to double roller.
More contact area for more carrying capacity.
More intensive crumbling due to more packer rings.
More intensive consolidation as the packer rings are distributed to two rollers

Removable packer roller

The Terrano FM is designed in such a way that it can also be used without packer roller. The depth control is carried out by the middle chassis.
Ranges of use:
Winter furrow: deep cultivation in autumn before summer crops. The soil is to remain „open“ to offer a large surface for an optimum winter mellowness.
Humid/wet conditions: Under extreme conditions the packer roller might be the limiting factor for cultivation (jamming/clogging). Without packer roller it is at least possible to cultivate.

SteelDisc packer Ø 58 cm

Approx. 175 kg/m. Heavy steel ring packer with excellent consolidation on heavy, dry soils.
Good cutting effect. Particularly suitable for stony soils.

FarmFlex packer Ø 59 cm / approx. 170 kg/m

Closed rubber roller with excellent consolidation and crumbling effect on medium and heavy soils.
Large contact area for excellent crumbling on heavy soils.
Absolutely resistant to stones.
In case of very light soils tends to heap up the soil.


Rear tow hook

Optional for all cultivators incl. 2 double-acting hydr. connections.
Allows for attaching a packer roller (e.g. Optipack SD / AS) for an even more intensive consolidation and if possible cultivation and seedbed preparation in one pass.

1-row rear harrow

The harrow combs out weed and grass weeds on the surface and supports their drying.
The harrow favours the seed coverage if the Terrano is equipped with a fine seed unit.
Recommended behind the tyre packer to level the ridges.


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Testberichte von Fachmagazinen

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Die DLZ next hat unseren Tiger 8 LT im Dauereinsatz getestet. Vom Ergebnis waren sogar die Tester positiv überrascht.

Profi (05/2010)
Die Profi hat unseren Tiger 6 LT in einem Vergleichstest gegen Lemken und Vaederstad antreten lassen. Testsieger mit einem komfortablen Vorsprung war natürlich unser Tiger.

LOP (01/2009)
DER Vergleich zwischen Grubber und Pflug. Natürlich war der Tiger schneller und effizienter als der Pflug.


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